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Port of Red Rock: The Northern Terminus of Ontario's Critical Mineral Corridor

Port of Red Rock to be developed in partnership with the Red Rock Indian Band

April 12, 2023
The Port of Red Rock development site

Aligning National Priorities with Regional Needs

The Port of Red Rock development in northern Ontario, coordinated by the BMI Group in partnership with the Red Rock Indian Band, is a significant step towards developing the northern terminus of the Critical Mineral Corridor (CMC), which will connect resources in the north with manufacturing in the south.

The heavy-cargo port is being built on the former site of the linerboard mill in Red Rock, Ontario and is strategically located to facilitate the most efficient transportation route of critical minerals, including nickel, copper, platinum, lithium, and palladium, to the southern CMC terminus along the Welland Canal.

This multisector collaboration connects the northernmost harbour on Lake Superior to existing rail and new road infrastructure to key mining developments in the Ring of Fire and near-north lithium deposits.

The Port of Red Rock development is a model for multisector partnerships inclusive of Indigenous communities, federal and provincial governments, and industry working to align national priorities with regional needs.

We have the capacity, our people have the capability, and we want to make them shine—we want to give people a good life.
Chief Marcus Hardy, Red Rock Indian Band

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