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Niagara Ports Thorold Multimodal Hub
Thorold, Ontario

Niagara Ports Thorold Multimodal Hub

The Thorold Multimodal Hub at Niagara Ports, an award-winning industrial complex developed by the BMI Group in collaboration it’s development partners, has attracted over $1 billion in investments and key industry players, enhancing the region's industrial capabilities.

Ribbon cutting celebrating the expansion of the Thorold Multimodal Industrial Complex

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Unique to Niagara

The 600+ acre multimodal industrial complex features marine, rail, and highway access, and 1.2 million square feet of indoor warehouse and outdoor storage space which can be configured to a wide variety of industrial, cargo handling and ancillary operations.


Integrated Networks

This investment in Niagara by the BMI Group and HOPA Ports is a significant step towards a more efficient and integrated network of marine facilities in Ontario. “As Ontario positions itself for an economic recovery, and as the province’s population and congestion issues grow, it just makes sense for us to be making better use of Ontario’s industrial and multimodal transportation capacity,”

  • Ian Hamilton, President & CEO of HOPA Ports.

An agreement with the momentum of a locomotive

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