Adaptive & Restorative Development

Adaptive and Restorative development are complementary processes for repurposing underutilized or decommissioned infrastructure and environments to create new value.

Machin Shop renovation


At its core, Adaptive Development centers on the infrastructural, environmental, social, and economic relationship of people to place. It’s a human-centered approach that adapts neighbouring commercial and civic properties and the recreational, educational, food and entertainment potential they enable to enhance the lived experience.

  • Human-centered
  • Market based mixed-use
  • Architectural integrity
  • Site integration
  • Restorative development

Adaptive at Work

The Bradshaw Lofts was an underutilized commercial warehouse reimagined as a mixed-use hospitality and educational space that partnered with the University of Waterloo's Digital Media campus in Stratford to couple premium accommodations for its students with the Bradshaw condominium, hotel, and Airbnb experience.

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Bradshaw Lofts renovation
Brandshaw Lofts room interior
The Bradshaw Lofts, Stratford Ontario


A partner perspective.

Map of downtown Startford

“I have been impressed in my work with BMI

BMI strives to see a bigger picture surrounding each project. The combination of initiatives that BMI brings to the table creates the opportunity for high-quality integrated development, which is sensitive to and benefits the local context.

Ken Greenburg
Urban Designer, City Builder, Advocate, & Author


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