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The Bradshaw Lofts
Stratford, Ontario

The Bradshaw Lofts

Building a Legacy

Originally built in 1903 in the Edwardian Classical style, complete with channelled brick and radiating voussoirs that frame arched windows and entrances, the Mooney Biscuit and Candy Factory defined the entrepreneurial spirit of the time.

It was in this spirit that J.L. Bradshaw, one of Canada's oldest wholesalers, built their own legacy on 245 Downie Street.

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Crafted for Creative Living

Call it the maximal side of minimalism, one part jazz, two parts zen, the design team behind The Bradshaw reimagined space by volume, not square footage. From ceiling to floor everything has a place and everything is in its place, a clean canvas to focus on the better things in life.

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100% Sold in 3 Weeks

With reimagined exposed brick, post and beam, original Douglas fir ceilings and a five-minute walk to award-winning cafés, theatres, and well-curated bookstores, the Bradshaw Lofts was 100% sold within three weeks of launch.

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